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Extendable Pet Leash


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Take your furry friend for a walk in style with our retractable pet leash. The leash features two buttons, one for automatic expansion and retraction, and the other to lock the leash at a desired length.

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Product Description

Our Extendable Pet Leash is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. It’s comfortable to hold and features a tangle-free design that makes walking your pet hassle-free. It gives your pet the freedom to move around while still keeping them under control.

The Extendable Pet Leash’s handle comes in multiple colours, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your style. Additionally, it comes in two different sizes, 16.4″ or 9.84″, making it suitable for pets of all sizes.
Whether you’re taking your pet for a walk around the neighbourhood or exploring a new park, our Extendable Pet Leash will provide the perfect level of control and comfort for both you and your pet.
Pet Leash Size

Retractable design

Two different leash sizes 16.4″ or 9.84″

Reflective chrome snap hook

Two button design – expand/retract & lock

Weight bearing limit 66lbs

Multiple colors to choose from!


Extendable Pet Leash Instructions

1. Start by attaching the leash clip securely to your pet’s collar or harness. 
2. Ensure that the locking mechanism on the leash handle is in the locked position before use.
3. When ready, press the release button on the handle to unlock the leash.
4. Allow your pet to explore and move freely within the designated area while maintaining control.
5. To adjust the length of the leash, gently pull the leash in the direction opposite to your pet, releasing more slack as needed.
6. To retract the leash, bring your pet closer and guide the leash back into the handle by applying gentle pressure on the brake button.
7. Use the brake button to lock the leash at the desired length, providing stability and control during walks. 
8. Always maintain a firm grip on the handle while using the leash to ensure the safety of your pet. 
9. Avoid sudden jerks of excessive pulling on the leash to prevent discomfort or injury to your pet. 
10. After each use, retract the leash fully into the handle and lock the mechanism to prevent tangling or damage. 
11. Regularly inspect the leash for any signs of wear or damage, and replace it if necessary to maintain safety. 
12. Store the Extendable Pet Leash in a cool, dry place when not in use, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. 


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